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As a full-time fashion influencer, Charlotte Buttrick knows a thing or two about how to style a killer outfit. From Manchester, Cheshire Charlotte's goal is to create a wardrobe full of permanent pieces and important accents that can be restyled and reworn in new ways.

She's been wearing Clinch for the past year and a half, so we figured she'd be the ideal subject to chat with about belt styling – from choosing the right one to nailing that all-important proportion.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as casual / modern classic. I base my wardrobe and outfits around quality wardrobe staples and elevated basics(the cut, fit or composition of an item that adds interest to a wardrobe basic, for example, an asymmetric tank top instead of a standard strap etc)

What is your summer go-to Clinch Belt style: Mini/Medium/Classic?

My summer go-to Clinch belt style is the medium belt. I love the versatility of adding a statement to a plain summer dress or pairing it with my favourite high-waisted trousers and a simple tank, taking a basic wardrobe outfit to something a bit extra.

It is a common belief that belts are a cooler weather accessory - do you agree/disagree with this statement? Do you favour different sizes/styles/colours depending on the season?

I would disagree with this statement as I believe that belts are an all-year-round must-have! I will find myself reaching for lighter hues in the warmer months but in regards to sizing I personally find all belt sizes again to be multi-seasonal and that it leans more on personal preference to your belt width and your style, rather than the weather or seasons.

If you had to pick your top 5 warm weather belt outfits which would they be?Β 

My go-to belt outfit formulas for summer are:

β€’ Summer dress & belt around the waist
β€’ Denim shorts and a loose shirt tucked In with a waist belt
β€’ High-waisted wide leg trousers with a bandeau top & a belt
β€’ Jeans, belt, tank top & blazer(in the evening)
β€’ Trousers, tank, belt, shirt worn open as a jacket on top

Do you have any tips when it comes to styling belts?

When it comes to styling belts I feel like they complete a look when you feel something is missing. Either used to accentuate your waist or add detail to an outfit. My top tip is to think about what you want the statement piece of the outfit to be. If it’s a belt I think the wider the strap the better. If you want it to compliment your outfit and perhaps tie in the colour of your shoes and handbag to an outfit I would suggest opting for the same colour and a thinner belt, that will blend and compliment your outfit rather than scream out as the statement piece.

We love your classic styling aesthetic and quality over quantity approach to shopping. Where can our Clinch community find and follow you?

Thank you so much :) you can find me:

Instagram @charlottebuttrick sharing styling reels & ways to wear

YouTube - - where I go more in depths about my wardrobe staples, styling tips & creating capsule wardrobes


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