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At Clinch Belts, we believe in making conscious purchases. It’s what inspired us to create an interchangeable belt buckle, that could inspire others to curate a sustainable wardrobe.

We pride ourselves on sourcing premium, ethical materials and crafting them with the utmost care. And while our production process is meticulous, as with all natural materials, we found several imperfections in our leather belt straps. These belt straps haven’t made the cut for our core collection but, rather than having them end up in landfill, we had another idea.

Introducing: the perfectly imperfect strap collection – a series of beautifully crafted straps with slight wrinkling on the leather. We know that some of you in our Clinch community will cherish these pieces. So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to purchase an additional belt at a reduced price point, here’s your chance.

Each strap is unique, so please note that imperfections will vary. For any questions, please email


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