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How To Assemble your Clinch Belt


Ever-changing and versatile, our belt straps are thoughtfully designed to be swapped out in an instant. To help you assemble your first Clinch belt, we’ve compiled a handy video and step-by-step guide. 






1. Remove the buckle and strap from the packaging.



2. Flip your strap over, lift up the latch on the screws, and turn anticlockwise to loosen.


3. Remove both screws and feed the leather strap through the bridge of the buckle.


4. Align the holes on the belt and leather flap, then reattach the screws, turning them clockwise to lock into place.


5. Pull on the buckle to ensure it’s attached securely.



6. When putting your Clinch belt on, make sure to thread the strap through the bridge of the buckle. You’ll know it’s fastened correctly when the studs are covered. 


From the moment you unbox your Clinch piece, to its long-standing rotation in your wardrobe, we hope that you’ll treasure this purchase for years to come.  



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