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Clinch Women in the Know: Gili Biegun

Gili Biegun is JOYS Magazine’s inimitable editor-in-chief, a fashion photographer, creative director and stylist. This month, she shares her musings on personal style, the books at the top of her reading list and her most prized possessions.

What does style mean to you?
Style is a way to visualize your mind in the physical world. If it's just for yourself, in your home and personal space, or what you show others.

How would you describe your own style? 
My style is eclectic and fluid. I love putting together items that will not be the obvious choice but work together in an interesting way.

What will the next purchase for your wardrobe be? 
A Max Mara swimsuit for my summer holiday.

Which item from your wardrobe do you get the most wear out of? 
I have a pair of extremely comfortable flat Gucci shoes that I’ve completely worn out. Designer’s comfortable shoes are always a good investment.

What is currently at the top of your reading list?
I am very curious about The Room Where It Happened by John Bolton.

What are your top three suitcase essentials when traveling? 
Besides the obvious, I always pack my cameras and a few rolls or film, at least one bottle of MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ and a moisturizer.

“Style is a way to visualize your mind in the physical world. If it's just for yourself, in your home and personal space, or what you show others”

What are you currently reading? 
21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari.

What do you consider your most prized investment? and JOYS Fashion Book are definitely my most prized investments. JOYS is a space where I can express my opinions freely and create.

What is your usual coffee order? 
Americano or ice Americano depending on the weather.

What is the one beauty product you are raving about in the past few months? 
Any product from MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ series. 

What advice would you give to your younger self? 
Stop talking. Start listening.

What is one change you have recently made in your life to help our planet and environment?
Buying locally.

"Stop talking.
Start listening."

What was your inspiration behind the JOYS Magazine editorial that features Clinch Belts?
Clinch Belts are more than just belts; they are jewelry. We styled the buckle and straps in the shoots as necklaces and chokers, bracelets and ankle bracelets. And ofcourse, as belts. I was inspired by a sustainable idea of reusing items and owning less material goods. With one Clinch buckle and few straps you can do a lot.

The change in 2020 I would like to see...
Even though 2020 doesn't seem like the best year to many due to the COVID-19 outbreak, political issues such as Brexit and Trump's policies, racial discriminations and murders, I believe that it's a year we will learn a lot from. All crises should be a turning point from which we, as society learn and grow from.

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