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Ethics & Sustainability

Our commitment to you.

The world around us is changing, as is the way we live and work. Our delicate climate and natural environments are at greater risk than ever before. 

At Clinch Belts, we believe that there is a place for fashion to make a positive contribution towards creating a more sustainable way of living. 

We are not perfect, but we are committed to continually improving both our belts and sustainable practices by creating quality products that impact our environment as minimally as possible. This is how we approach both how we operate our business, the products and the people who create them. 

We have teamed up with skilled jewellers to produce buckles of the best possible quality while upholding high ethical production practices; our buckles are made without the use of any harsh chemicals.

We strive to reuse metals as much as possible without affecting the luxurious quality of the finished piece. Currently we are proud to say that our silver buckles are made from 100% recycled Sterling silver. Our brass buckles are made from more than 30% recycled brass metal. 

Currently our leathers are primarily sourced from small batches in Italy and are lined with premium soft nubuck leather sourced locally in China, where our belts are made, to ensure we keep our prices as low as possible for the quality we offer. 

Our belts are heirloom pieces that you will treasure and will be proud to pass on to future generations. We believe that investing in a beautifully made, high quality accessory can elevate your wardrobe as your outfits change from day to day, meaning less waste and lasting style.

It is so important to us that our community knows that when they purchase our products, they are investing not only in a beautiful belt to treasure for years (and decades!) to come, but also in fashion that is created with preserving the beautiful world around us in mind. 

Additionally, this year, it is our goal to become a B-Corp certified business as well as introduce a range of vegan leathers, to name but a few of our continued efforts to become a more sustainable business. 


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