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Our 2020 style resolutions

Over the past few months, the world has changed, and what we are wearing has naturally adapted to this new way of living and working. This reflective time has also brought with it an opportunity to look at the pieces we own through a different lens. We believe that investing in beautifully made, high quality fashion can elevate your wardrobe as your outfits change from day to day, meaning less waste and lasting style. It is just one of our values that guides everything we do. In our quest to purchase ever more consciously – to truly curate our wardrobes with your favourite pieces and things that you genuinely love – join us in putting these three style resolutions into practice this year.

"Refresh your wardrobe by buying vintage or pre-loved pieces."


Refresh your wardrobe by buying vintage or pre-loved pieces. This year, you’ll find the Clinch Belts team on the likes of Vestiaire Collective, and hunting through vintage clothing boutiques for hidden gems. It will make that moment you stumble upon those Bottega heels from last season all the more sweet, knowing that you’re giving them something of a second life.

"Take your cues from Marie Kondo; if it doesn’t spark joy… you know what to do."


Recycle the clothes you are not wearing, by giving a new owner the opportunity to give your unworn pieces a happy new home. You could donate the cash to a cause you care about, or re-invest in pieces that will stand the test of time. Take your cues from Marie Kondo; if it doesn’t spark joy… you know what to do.


Repair the pieces that you currently own and love. Polish up your Manolo’s, or that classic designer bag that’s been gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe. Investing in a touch of restoration can go a long way, so you can continue to make use of what you already have.


Invest in classic pieces you know will stand the test of time. When you do choose to make a new addition to your wardrobe, invest in quality over quantity when possible. Spending a little more on quality accessories can help you make the most of your wardrobe; a beautifully crafted belt, handbag or pair of shoes is a great way to lift your look in an instant without.

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