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Since Clinch Belts was born, our belts have been worn the world over by women who have an eye for quality and great style. Catch a glimpse into the style of three style-makers, who are wearing their belts on rotation to complement and complete their outfit of the day. With style dispatches from Paris to Greece and beyond, find out why Clinch is the one accessory you need to elevate your look. 


Those who know Anastasia will know her affinity for colour, quality and eclecticism when it comes to fashion. From the shores of northern Greece, Anastasia’s style dispatches are showstopping and vibrant. She wears her Clinch Belt with everything from knitted sweaters tucked into leather trousers, to cocktail dresses, or dressed down with denim.

Her penchant for bold prints, textural pieces and jewellery is always elegant, or occasionally edgy – and she styles her Clinch Belt with almost any variation of these looks. Our subtle, jewellery-like buckle elevates both maximalist and minimalist styles, and her sartorial pairings are always chic.

Violet Grace

Violet Grace is a true master of monochrome and neutral tones, and has perfected the art of relaxed, yet structured silhouettes. Our mini edition is a firm favourite, which she styles over knee-length coats, lending a touch of personality to her pared-back looks. For lighter blazers and jackets, she opts for our classic belt in solid brass with a black or cognac-coloured strap, completing her ensemble that is fit for the fashionable streets of Paris and beyond.


Alpa Rama

Monochrome is the name of Alpa Rama’s fashion game, and her outfits are about as sleek as it gets. While our classic gold brass buckle and black nappa leather strap is one of her go-to piece’s, she equally favours our white and beige interchangeable straps to brighten her look. Her after dark style is playful but elegant; Alpa pairs her mini belt with party dresses and minimal but statement accessories, such as a pair of gold Chanel earrings. During the day, she opts for tailored pieces, such as shorts paired with a knitted sweater, or a classic tailored blazer – both completed with the addition of one of her Clinch Belts.

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