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Belt Assembly

Clinch Belts come disassembled when you first receive them which is part of their interchangeable charm. Please view our videos and instructions below to guide you through the simple process:
  1. Remove your Clinch buckle, belt strap and pouch from the cylinder casing. 
  2. Remove the shell tool from its pouch and un-fasten each screw on the clasp of the strap. While doing so ensure the clasp remains attached to the strap by leaving each screw backing in place.
  3. Feed the bridge of the buckle through the belt clasp and re-fasten the screws in their original place. 
  4. Position the belt how you like. Slide the belt strap through pant loops or wrap around the desired body position. Glide the strap through the buckle bridge until comfortably tight and place the buckle pin in the nearest insert of the strap.