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Belts, but not like
you know them.

Belts, but
not like you
know them.

Buckles ethically
crafted by jewellers

Our sculptural belt buckles are handcrafted by artisan jewellery makers. The process of creating just one signature Clinch buckle takes four hours of human handling time. Now that's what we call a labour of love.

Interchangeable Belt Straps

From the front to the back, that's where our belt screws are at. Customisable and interchangeable, you can alternate between leather straps in less than a minute.

A timeless,
wearable design.

With one Clinch buckle and a few straps, you can do a lot. From the unique shape and texture of our buckle, to the meticulous detail that goes into designing our straps, we've created a signature belt that can be worn in any way you please. Fitting on both your hips and waist, you'll never run out of ways to style your Clinch piece.

Sustainably and
Ethically Focused

When it comes to style, our ethos centres around curating a sustainable wardrobe. Encouraging conscious consumerism, we knew our belts had to be enduring and interchangeable, affording you the freedom to alternate your look in an instant.

Read into the specifics of our sustainability practices here.

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